Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Tiree Broadband
Minimum period
Your agreement lasts for a minimum of 12 months after which you can terminate the agreement by giving us at least 10 days’ notice to expire at the end of the minimum term. You can terminate the agreement during the minimum period but you may be required to pay certain charges to do so.
What you can expect of us
We’ll exercise reasonable care and skill in providing the broadband services to you. We’ll do what we can to make the service available at all times and faultfree, but we can’t promise that it always will be. Unfortunately we are not able to provide services to all parts of Tiree, and our services can be affected by external factors.
We may suspend the Services temporarily without notice in an emergency or in order to improve, maintain or repair the Services or our network or for other operational reasons. We will try, but cannot guarantee, to keep you informed and to keep interruptions to a minimum.
We cannot guarantee that the Services will be uninterrupted or error free. If a fault occurs, you should report it by phone, email or in writing using the contact details above and we will try to rectify the fault.
Tiree Broadband currently offers one standard tariff which costs £19.99 per month (excluding installation and equipment) includes unlimited data usage.
Tiree Broadband will charge a £20.00 connection charge to add you to our network.
We will accept payment for the installation and first month’s charges by cheque and thereafter by standing order.
If any amount owing under the Agreement is overdue at any time we will notify you in writing. If any amount remains overdue for more than 7 days after the date on which we notify you that an amount is overdue, then we reserve the right to suspend and/or terminate the provision of the Services.
You may be required to pay a reconnection charge if you wish to be reconnected following a suspension of the Services.
What we expect of you
We want you to get the most from the broadband services we provide. We do however expect you to use the broadband services responsibly and we have the ability to end the agreement if you do not adhere to the terms and conditions.
All equipment that is required to provide the broadband signal to your computer network or router will remain the ownership of Tiree Broadband. We can supply you with a suitable replacement router at cost. You should take reasonable care of the equipment and use it in accordance with any instructions, safety and security procedures applicable to the equipment. You must not remove any of Tiree Broadband’s equipment and you should take reasonable care of the equipment at your property and inform Tiree Broadband if you become aware of any circumstances that put the equipment at risk.
On all service subscriptions we operate a “fair usage” policy. Within this policy your connection can be used by you in any way that you see fit and is compliant with appropriate legislation. Illegal use of your internet connection could result in Tiree Broadband’s entire service being disconnected from the internet. We do not impose download limits, although in extraordinary circumstances where download volumes are, in our opinion, excessive in comparison to the average use of the network we may speak to you about your usage with a view to establishing the best course of action.
Basic Troubleshooting
If you are experiencing problems with your broadband connection please try the following 3 steps, before reporting your problem:
1. Check that it’s not just your computer – if you have another computer in the house can it access the internet OK?
2. Restart your broadband equipment and wireless router. Switch off the power supply to your broadband receiver and your wireless router, wait a couple of minutes and then turn them back on.
3. Check with a neighbour. Try phoning a neighbour you know who has Tiree Broadband, to see if they are having similar issues.
If the above steps have not resolved your problem, report the problem by telephoning 01879 220074.
If there is no one available to take your call, please leave a message, with your name, telephone number and details of the problem and someone will get back in touch.